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Big Tree Hikes of Sequoia Country
Giant sequoias are the biggest trees in the world. They grow in scattered groves of the Sierra Nevada, tucked within hidden mountain basins. Big Tree Hikes of Sequoia Country leads you through this mountain maze, from Giant Sequoia National Monument to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, and a few unknown haunts in between. This is your guide to the best of sequoia country.

ISBN: 978-0-9984775-0-3
Price: $14.95

Big Tree Hikes of the Redwood Coast
Big Tree Hikes of the Redwood Coast guides hikers to the last remaining tracts of old growth redwood forest along California's North Coast. Complimenting the hike descriptions, readers will find additional information on forest fires in old growth, big tree reiterations, preservation history of redwoods, lists of the world's biggest and oldest trees, and identification tips to other big tree species within redwood forests.

ISBN: 978-0-9664919-7-5
Price: $14.95

Arizona Summits—North—A Guide to Mountains, Peaks, and High Points
This guide is your key to finding the world-class vistas of Northern Arizona. Routes are organized into back road drives, trail hikes, and off-trail scrambles. Climbing classifications and leave no trace tips are included, along with a listing of high points and mountain prominences for Arizona and the United States. Photos and topographic maps accompany every route description.

ISBN: 0-9664919-6-8
Price: $14.95

Arizona Summits - South — A Guide to Mountains, Peaks, and High Points
A guide to the mountains of Southern Arizona, Arizona Summits – SouthA Guide to Mountains, Peaks, and High Points features everything from back road drives to fifth-class rock climbs. The book is arranged by difficulty, listing Drives, Hikes, Scrambles, and Climbs, with complete directions for each. An appendix of prominent peaks is included. Like all Funhog books, photos and maps accompany every route description.

ISBN 978-0-9664919-5-1
Paddling Arizona — A Guide to Lakes, Rivers, and Creeks
Highlights water destinations across the state. Desert reservoirs, mountain ponds, backwater wetlands, and whitewater rivers are all covered in this encompassing guidebook. Featured destinations include popular reservoirs such as Canyon, Powell, Mead, and Roosevelt, as well as lesser known locales like Pena Blanca Lake, and McHood Lake. Fisherman will find a listing of fish species with every lake in the book. Many previously unknown whitewater runs like Burro Creek and the East Verde River are also included.

ISBN 0-9664919-4-7

Whitewater Classics
Part guide book, part history book, and part story book, featuring whitewater destinations from Mexico to Alaska. The book contains biographies of the continent's top paddlers, and tells an interesting story for each of the fifty classic rivers.

To select the classic rivers, author Tyler Williams asked fifty of North America's most influential paddlers to each nominate a favorite run. The results were as varied as the paddlers themselves, from racer Davey Hearn's Potomac to freestyler Tanya Shuman's Skookumchuck to expedition paddler Scott Lindgren's Middle Fork of the Kings.

ISBN 0-9664919-3-9

Canyoneering Arizona
The first guidebook devoted entirely to the canyons of the Grand Canyon state. Both easy canyon trails and difficult waterfall-choked gorges are listed. The book is arranged geographically, highlighting the Colorado Plateau, the Mogollon Rim, and the Basin and Range provinces. Route finding, boulder hopping, wading, swimming, scrambling, climbing, and rappelling are all canyoneering techniques highlighted in the book.

ISBN 0-9664919-0-4

Grand Canyon River Hikes
This is the most user-friendly guide to river side hikes in Grand Canyon. The book chronicles hiking routes along the entire 277-mile Colorado River corridor within Grand Canyon. Classic river hikes are listed, from the mossy grottoes of Elves Chasm to the lofty views from the Nankoweap granaries. There are also segments on archaeology, flash floods and low impact desert hiking.

ISBN 0-9664919-1-2