Futaleufu and the Josh Lowry Experience

This blob brought to you by Funhog PressHalf-awake, I gazed at passing countryside reminiscent of Washington's Skagit Valley. After a few hours on the paved and empty highway—the best kind—Samuelo, [...]


Rescued from Patagonian seas!

This blog brought to you by Funhog PressThere was hardly a wisp of wind as we stroked through a small glassy swell. The channel, that huge intimidating monster, was now [...]


Into Patagonian seas—A rude awakening

This blog brought to you by Funhog Press We drifted through the burned barren landscape of the lower Pascua in an unrelenting heavy mist. Roberto knew of a military camp [...]


Patagonia’s remote Pascua River

This blog brought to you by Funhog PressToday, the Carreterra Austral—Chile's southern highway—ends at the Pascua River, a mile past the home of Hernan Guelet and family. Physically, the road [...]


Paddling Chile’s lower Baker River

This blog brought to you by Funhog PressThe river was swift below El Salton, with misty mountains rising all around. The Baker was now clearly on the wetter side of [...]

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