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Vancouver Island’s Carmanah Rainforest is an unlogged watershed of ancient Sitka spruce. I traveled there last August, and learned that the valley gained preservation through the efforts of the late Randy Stoltman. Turns out, Randy was sort of my doppleganger. We both published two guidebooks in our early 30s. We both documented [...]

RUSH Album Rank

We were drifting with the motor off in the Salish Sea, sipping Bloody Marys on a perfect Thursday morning when the subject of RUSH's worst song came up. Do they even have a worst? Can they? I asked Bret if he was familiar with Rivendell. He wasn't. We dialed it up. [...]

Summer road trippin 2018

My psychology student wife, Lisa, tells me that our actions are mostly a result of socialization. I guess that's why I feel compelled to drive north at the start of every summer. As a kid, it was always a journey from Arizona to northern Idaho, and my parent's homeland of Spokane, [...]

Pack Rafting the Styx into the Kuskokwim, and into the interior

This blog brought to you by Funhog Press The low clouds and light mist of Alaska returned. The small Styx River was lower than the previous evening, and milk green instead of grey. A golden eagle flapped across the valley. A herd of twenty caribou spooked into the bush. Two seagulls dive-bombed [...]

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