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Kokolik Wildlife

This blog brought to you by Funhog Press The snow dappled Brooks Range faded behind us as wide vistas of tundra beckoned ahead. Camp came on a breezy gravel bar. A long mesa called Poko Mountain glowed in the northwest. We sat by the fire past midnight, unwilling to say goodnight to [...]

Down the river with Interior Secretary Sally Jewell

The creek gurgled softly, reflecting a trembling light on an overhanging roof of limestone. Here we sat, backs resting on shelves of the polished gray rock while contemplating Ed Abbey's words, the river, the cliffs that soared beyond our view, the whole river trip experience. Fifteen high school youth, a few scientists, [...]

Pack Rafting Oak Creek

This BLOB brought to you by Funhog Press Maybe a dozen years ago, I decided that 200 cubic feet per second was the minimum water level for paddling Oak Creek. In a hard shell kayak, this still seems about right. It's a diminutive stream for sure, but still worthwhile—more water than rock, [...]

The stoutest whitewater in Mongolia

This blob brought to you be Funhog Press and MRA Not every day in Mongolia is pleasant, but they are almost always interesting. As Pat and I started across the grassland with our boats in tow, it struck me that Jagaa's departure in the jeep came somewhat hastily. But at the moment [...]

Kayak safari to Mongolia’s Harhiraa Mountains

This blob brought to you by Funhog Press and MRA We followed a wide dirt road into a desert basin incongruously featuring a big blue lake. Red crags rose on the far shoreline and our destination, Harhiraa (Har hear a) Mountain, rose snowy in the distance. Another hour of driving brought a [...]

Kayaking season in Mongolia’s Southern Altai

This blog brought to you by Funhog Press and MRA Launching on the swift Buyant River, we were uncertain whether we'd see the vans later that evening or not. They had a long unknown shuttle ahead, crossing creeks and tracing old horse paths with tire tracks, thus qualifying them as roads. We [...]

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