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We're out in the Wild until March

Hello fellow funhogs! Please take note: we're out in wild country all of February and won't be filling any book orders until we return in March. If you've placed an order already, we thank you for your purchase and your patience!
here's to your next adventure,

The latest from Tyler

Summer road trippin 2018


My psychology student wife, Lisa, tells me that our actions are mostly a result of socialization. I guess that’s why I feel compelled to drive north at the start of every summer. As a kid, it was always a... Read More

Arizona’s biggest Ponderosa pine?


This blob brought to you by Funhog Press I wasn’t on any big tree expedition, just scrambling up a nearby canyon to rid myself of that late-November cage-ey-ness. After rimming out, I was happily striding back toward my truck... Read More