Summer road trippin 2018

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My psychology student wife, Lisa, tells me that our actions are mostly a result of socialization. I guess that’s why I feel compelled to drive north at the start of every summer. As a kid, it was always a journey … Read More

Arizona’s biggest Ponderosa pine?

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This blob brought to you by Funhog Press I wasn’t on any big tree expedition, just scrambling up a nearby canyon to rid myself of that late-November cage-ey-ness. After rimming out, I was happily striding back toward my truck when … Read More

Exploring sequoia country

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This blog brought to you by Funhog Press In A Guide to the Sequoia Groves of California, author Dwight Willard states, “Eden Creek Grove has biological significance that far surpasses its renown.” As for exploring there, Willard warns that it … Read More

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