Summer road trippin 2018

My psychology student wife, Lisa, tells me that our actions are mostly a result of socialization. I guess that’s why I feel compelled to drive north at the start of every summer. As a kid, it was always a journey … Read More

Arizona’s biggest Ponderosa pine?

This blob brought to you by Funhog Press I wasn’t on any big tree expedition, just scrambling up a nearby canyon to rid myself of that late-November cage-ey-ness. After rimming out, I was happily striding back toward my truck when … Read More

Sea kayaking the Sea of Cortez

This blog brought to you by Funhog Press The trip started at 35,000 feet, en route to Chile. I knew we were over the Mexican coast well north of the Tropics, but I wasn’t sure where. The land was desert. … Read More

Exploring sequoia country

This blog brought to you by Funhog Press In A Guide to the Sequoia Groves of California, author Dwight Willard states, “Eden Creek Grove has biological significance that far surpasses its renown.” As for exploring there, Willard warns that it … Read More

Finishing Happy on an Alaska Range pack raft route

This blog brought to you by Funhog Press The Happy River is appropriately named. Bouncing and splashing, this clear little stream tumbles along between banks of bright green moss, never too threatening nor languid. We watched the Happy grow from … Read More

Kuskokwim to Happy River—over Goodman Pass

This BLOB brought to you by Funhog Press The spruce forest alongside Denny Creek was relatively open, soft and mossy too. Any stop in our movement, however, brought gathering clouds of mosquitoes. So, we kept moving. A vague route appeared … Read More

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