Dropping in on Little LO

Launching horizontally from seven feet up, my idea was to land on the pack and skim across the water without feeling a drop. No such luck, halfway across the pool, the unmistakable cold and wet of canyon water began to seep up my legs. My Kokatat drysuit, nearly two decades old and two gaskets down, thus relegated to canyoning detail, worked well for the first two swims, but now the gig was up. I was getting wet. I exited the pool and began to walk for the promise of sunshine. Surely it waited downstream somewhere.
It was a little early for a venture into the canyons of the Mogollon Rim, but with temperatures in the 70s, we could wait no longer. Along with Billie Prosser, Curtis Newell, and filmmaker Kent Wagner, I dropped into Little LO Spring Canyon for the first canyoneering trip of the season. A couple rappels, several swims, countless scrambles, and a long long corridor of narrows later, we emerged into main Sycamore Canyon to peel off wetsuits and start our warm-up. A good day all in all. Check out Kent’s most excellent video of the trip.

Little LO canyon mouth