ImageA grand fir sprouted unsteadily, seemingly too tall for it’s girth. At well over 200-feet, it was in record territory. Farther on, a towering Sitka spruce dug roots into a hollowed stump shell of a redwood that was once nearly 20-feet in diameter. This was likely a record tree too, in it’s day. It was a tad ironic that on my final day of field research for Big Tree Hikes of the Redwood Coast, I stumbled into the most action-packed big tree hike of them all. It wasn’t an entirely new place, just an overlooked piece of trail that was caught in the wash of my many other research hikes. Too late to add this one now. Just as well, chalk it up as a secret stash. It’s good to know that despite my best efforts to present a range of the premier big tree hikes in far Northern California, there are more out there!Image