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If you follow the Funhog Blob (and I know there are at least three of you out there who do), you might have noticed that there’s been a gap in publication recently. My excuse? General laziness. Despite this, two new guidebook revisions have made their way to stores. Check them out: New covers! New content!
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But guidebook revisions have limited value unless they are supported by current exploration. In April, John Govi and I did some canyoning in the Little Colorado River Gorge. We didn’t bring drysuits, a questionable decision given the pletniful water we encountered. My article on the Little Colorado River will appear in Arizona Highways magazine in the Fall.
By then, Big Tree Hikes of the Redwood Coast might have a sister title, featuring the Sequoia trees of California’s Sierra Nevada. Lisa and I took some time for book research this spring.
Escaping the snowless Sierra before a series of winter storms arrived in May, it was off to Colorado for a visit to Alpacka Raft headquarters. Alpacka is the original pack raft manufacturer. They are the most innovative company, with the best boats, so my visit there was long overdue. En route to the factory, continuing May storms offered some incredible light in Monument Valley.
The stormy weather provided ideal hiking conditions in the desert. Beneath the cool of cloud, I met some wonderful people while guiding for OARS and Outdoors Unlimited. That Bright Angel Trail just doesn’t get old.
But alas, to appreciate the world’s most spectacular landscape, one must sometimes leave that landscape for something different. So, I am off to the steppes of Mongolia, and the rivers of the Altai Mountains. I’ll be guiding and traveling with my friend Pat Phillips and his Mongolia River Adventures. Don’t expect any regular blobbing from central Asia. Spending time on a computer somehow seems antithetical to experiencing a nomadic culture that ruled the world by horseback seven centuries ago. But I do hope to share some stories upon my return. Mr. Philliips is sure to facilitate the high adventure. We’ve been training for the unexplored rivers of Mongolia since winter’s floods on our local creek. I hope we are ready.